With a huge emphasis being placed on working smarter and more effectively by offering greater flexibility to both those working in the business and to our clients, Bramble and Briar is able to provide a level of service matched by very few in the market place.



The two founding partners, Vita and Sarah are former Big 4 Chartered Accountants, who met as graduates while learning and mastering the trade.   After moving on to pursue other opportunities, they came back together to compare notes about the service gaps they saw in the market place. From this discussion, Bramble and Briar was born.

 We understand that you don't work 9-5, so we work around you to get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible. We're not in the game of 'sucking our clients dry', like so many others in the industry. We're looking to be a business partner, offering a helpful ear to bounce ideas off and most importantly a trustworthy source of support and guidance.

Bramble and Briar was established because we believe in a new connected style of working.  We know you don't work 9-5, we work to get the job done.  

  • We work hard so we can maximise our time at work and at home.
  • We use technology to work flexibly and remotely when appropriate, so we can have efficiencies that save us time, get your work done and save you money.
  • You aren't paying for fancy offices and catering staff, just skills and expertise.
Work life balance is only achieved by realising that they only one life. Our staff all work remotely, and have no fixed hours. You can work when the work needs to be done where ever you are. The rest of the time is yours.
— Sarah Pilling


Portraits by Samara Clifford


Vita Lo Presti
Partner, Advisory


Sarah Pilling
Partner, Cloud Integration





Abby Rudakov
Senior Web Design